Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Replacement Seat Belts and Why You Need Them

Replacement Seat Belts save lives! A worn seat belt is dangerous for you and for your family! Do you have a car that has been a warrior? Has it seen a lot of days baking out in the sun, running down the old dusty road? Then you need to look at your seat belts. Do you need replacement seat belts? Your safest bet when replacing it is to locate a factory replacement.

If a direct replacement is not available then a universal replacement is another option. Be care on universal replacement seat belts as they do not all fit! Remember, replacing your own seat belts is a matter of life and death! If you choose to do it yourself, make sure that you are doing it correctly.

When installing a seat belt into a vehicle that previously did not have them or upgrading a vehicle with a different style seat belt, retrofitting may be required. Are you up to date? A car accident victim can suffer abdominal injuries from lap seat belts if the lap belt was defective in design or function. Abdominal injuries from lap seat belts are commonly reported injuries that are sustained by car accident victims when the lap belt fails to provide adequate protection during a collision.

Since the 1950s, medical studies have proven that wearing a lap belt alone is not enough to protect a victim from suffering serious injuries in a motor vehicle accident. So make sure that you have lap and shoulder replacement belts!

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Why You Should Use Seat Belt Shoulder Pads

The seat belt shoulder pad is a simple solution to an annoying problem! Is your seatbelt a pain in the neck? Cushion it with Seat belt Shoulder Pad! If your seat belt or shoulder strap rubs your neck, put the Seatbelt Shoulder Pad around it for instant comfort!Provides comfort and helps relief. The chafing and redness caused by a seatbelt rubbing against your neck can be painful. Add some cushioning and softness with our seat belt shoulder pad. This cushion isn't just for seatbelts.

For some, placing a purse or laptop bag strap across their shoulder can be unbearable. The black pad wraps around the strap on your golf bag, hand bag or luggage. The self adhering closure fastens lengthwise with just a little pressure and opens easily when you want to move the pad to another strap. The pad also helps to distribute the weight so there is less pressure on one spot.

A safety belt, is a safety harness designed to secure the occupant of a vehicle against harmful movement that may result from a collision or a sudden stop.But there is so many things to be noted related to this matter. It's important that you wear your seatbelt properly across your chest. Make sure you're safe.

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The Benefits of Using Seat Belt Extenders?

Regretfully the number of obese people has increased substantially so has the need for seat belt extenders, from cars to airplanes these 8 to 10 inch extenders have saved a lot of embarrassment from these individuals. Perhaps these will become regular items at airport free shops or perhaps made available on plains.

As some one who has had to use them more than once they will guarantee a more comfortable travel in many ways and actually also provide safety when the original belt would not fit and thus you would not be wearing a seat belt at all. There are other applications for the seat belt extenders that you may have come across, for the elderly also the tight grip of some seat belts can be uncomfortable and also dangerous, the seat belt extender allows for an easier fastening of seat belts and less of people getting tangled in their seat belts.

Another use for the seat belt extender would be in fitting child seats in cars, although the child seats are made with standard measurements most times individuals fail to install them in the proper position therefore the seat belt of the cars comes short and this is where the seat belt extenders can come to the reduce of frustrated moms.

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